Increased site activity

Site Activities at The Canberra Brickworks

You may have noticed increased activity at the Canberra Brickworks recently, including more people visiting the site.

Prior to the redevelopment to be undertaken by Doma, the site is being managed by Suburban Land Agency (SLA). The SLA undertakes maintenance activities such as site security and vegetation control as well as authorising investigations being undertaken by Doma.

On site planning and design investigations have started and this will inform detailed design and future development applications for the site. Doma have been permitted access to the site to undertake this work.

Doma’s authorised contractors and consultants will be undertaking investigations including structural assessment of heritage buildings to inform the adaptive reuse of the Brickworks heritage buildings.

What’s happening next?

A revised Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was submitted to the Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate in March 2022. A draft Estate Development Plan (EDP) is currently being prepared for ACT Government approving agencies’ review. A public presentation by Doma is planned for July 2022 where the EDP and Heritage Core Area Development will be presented, prior to being submitted as Development Applications to the Planning Authority for assessment. Doma continue to liaise with the Canberra Brickworks Community Panel to ensure the success of the development.

Want to know more?

The SLA's Place Management Team can answer questions about site access and security. Please call them on (02) 6205 4016 (24 hour) or email

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